Fantastic Review of Siren's Reckoning by Writer Bella Swann!

Amazing multi-layered reinterpretation of a world of Gods and Man in which brutality and misogyny are rampant!

This book was absolutely amazing in its multi-layered reinterpretation of a world of Gods and Man in which brutality and misogyny are rampant. I could not predict what was going to happen next in terms of major character actions and for me that made this book an even more fascinating and compelling read. Johanis clearly has ideas for a sequel because my subconscious kept pulling me back to re-read certain scenes as I felt they would become more important later on in the overall story arc if not necessarily in this book. Even after I got to the ending (and it was a mind blowing ending but no spoilers), I still could not be absolutely sure what had happened to several of the characters and will have to wait to find out more in the next book. I don't want to give spoilers but will just say that the general plot has the God Akad go off on a mission to find the Siren and throw himself on her mercy for his actions that had led to her dethroning and imprisonment. I did not like Akad no matter how hard I tried to do so because he was the main character. Even when I tried to excuse his actions and those of his soldiers as a symptom of the time, his brutality towards Aphrodite, Venus, his wife, and a young girl made it hard for me to bond with him notwithstanding the crimes against humanity he had committed aeons before. Even when I learnt more of his backstory and his treatment at the hands of his father, I still thought he needed to be punished for his actions although I could not have predicted the nature of his fate. The character that blew me away was Siren - a powerful goddess who believes in the universal laws of justice regardless of whether one is human or God. She is a symbol of female power and in the final chapters of this book, her reckoning begins. I just wanted to offer a quick word of warning to readers who might be wanting a light-hearted, fluffy story of Gods and mortals - this is not that story. This is a story of love, hate, humiliation, revenge, and justice, and well-worth reading!