Siren's Reckoning Excerpt - Bisexual

Akad watched as Apollo rose and began to move toward him. Water dripped from his curls and rolled down his firm chest as he moved. Then Apollo sank down in the water before him and rested his hands on Akad’s shoulders.

“Have you ever thought of just giving in?” Apollo asked. Akad could not suppress a smile. The image of Apollo falling in the arena flashed before him. Apollo’s expression of defeat as he lay on his back in the grass aroused all his senses.
 “It is true you have your mission to find Siren,” Apollo said moving closer, “but that should not stop you from enjoying one day among the gods. You will head for the sea tomorrow, but tonight …”
“Apollo …” Akad sighed. His head was already swimming with dreams of Venus and Siren.
Apollo let his arms slip on Akad’s shoulders, wrapping them around his neck, and Apollo’s hard body moved up against him. Akad breathed in. Apollo’s touch sent a shock through his entire being.
“I can help you take your mind off her,” Apollo teased, his lips hovering close to his. Akad’s heartbeat quickened. He took a deep breath and ran his hand into Apollo’s hair, clasping a fist full of curls behind his neck. Akad closed his eyes and breathed. The thought of Apollo’s lips pressed into his made his heart swell. It had been so long since he had tasted Apollo’s kiss. He opened his eyes again, pulled Apollo’s head back slightly, and stood up in the water.
“Apollo,” he breathed, standing over him with his hand still clasping his hair, “what you’re doing is just adding to my torment.”

Akad released Apollo and stepped out of the pool. He dried off and dressed in his armor without a word. Then he walked out of the bathhouse under the vine-covered canopy of the garden. The breeze felt cool on his bathed skin, and he breathed in, filling his lungs with the fresh mountain air. Akad closed his eyes. His heart was still pounding from Apollo’s touch, and an image of the little goddess standing naked before him materialized in his mind. He opened his eyes again and began his trek through the garden.

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